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Dr. Sanchez-Ramos and his team will assess and refine a new nanoparticle carrier system they’ve designed to transport therapeutic gene-silencing molecules from the nasal passages to the brain.

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100% of all donations and profit will go to assist Dr Sanchez-Ramos team at USF with their patent pending nose-to-brain approach that could have applications for modifying a wide range of brain disorders.

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No One should fight Alone. Awareness leads to more research that leads to a Cure. The future will Silence the gene, Not the faces of HD. Help be the voice we need.

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Mother started an organisation to raise money for the rare condition of her son

A mother is fighting for the life of her son. In a rare instance, she has started a foundation to collect money for the disease of her son. The mother in question is Monica Weldon who has her son Beckett suffering from the disease caused by an alteration(mutation) in the crucial SYNGAP1 gene.

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A new drug AV-101 with the possibility of treating Huntington’s disease receives patent

A new landmark decision has been made which will have a staggering effect in the field of Huntington’s disease. So, there has been a grant of a patent to VistaGen Therapeutics Inc. for the drug AV-101 which can be used for the treatment of disorders like

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A young girl at Stanford is working on helping people suffering from Huntington’s disease

A young girl from Thailand, Oranicha “Natty” Jumreornvong, has won an early admission into the FlexMed program which is a part of the Icahn School of Medicine located in New York. Jumreornvong was offered this admission, when she was in her 1st year

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Our Mission

We are fervidly in pursuit of the cure for Huntington’s Disease while inspiring boundless hope in all those impacted. Dedicating our time and resources to raising as much funds as necessary towards a ground-breaking patent pending system for a safe delivery of gene silencing through nasal administration at the University of South Florida. Along this journey, we are also committed to raising new levels of awareness around HD because too few know the demanding battle these heroic men and women go through every day.

Why join our fight to cure HD?

One of the few fortunate aspects of HD is only 1 in every 12,000 Americans is plagued with this genetic disorder but it’s because so few are affected that HD has been able to fly under the radar. Those who are affected are facing a daunting uphill battle and with such a huge obstacle ahead and so little support from others it can be easy to let the disease take over. It is up to us to provide the love and support necessary for those in the clutches of this debilitating disease so nobody feels like they are taking this on alone. Donations will go to a revolutionary patent pending system for safe delivery of gene silencing through nasal administration that would be a breakthrough in curing all neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS. Even reaching out to somebody impacted by this disease and letting them know you are there for them goes a long way!

Research Volunteers

Volunteers who support the people suffering from Huntington Disease

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